Macro forces are reshaping supply chains and global logistics patterns. Rapidly fluctuating energy costs increasing environmental awareness, changes in public policy, landmark infrastructure investments and shifting markets are factors in a changing marketplace. We help our clients position their asset for success.

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Can the Toy Industry Survive Disruption?

For months we have been following the story of the Toys R Us bankruptcy and wondering if the department store chain could survive the perfect storm that it finds itself in. We learned last Friday from several reports that the retailer could close all of its stores as early as this week. Regardless of whether Toys R Us pulls through its challenging winter period, one thing is for certain: toy retailers, even when it comes to multinational giants, must be savvy about the way they are conducting their business or they may risk losing out to web rivals and discounters.

Revolution in Overland Logistics Technology Is Beginning to Change Everything

There is obviously a lot written these days about the future of transportation and the technology that will reshape human mobility. Much of the coverage in the popular press relates to two areas: 1) how the interaction between cars and people will change, with the use of technology requiring less and less human input, and 2) the corporate bets that are being made by companies that are creating shared mobility services - where a confluence of factors suggest that in the future, people may not actually own a vehicle, but rather access a vehicle through a shared service arrangement. The other key transportation and technology dynamic that is unfolding in front of our eyes is actually quite fundamental to the national and global economy. Increased automation of cargo logistics is creating new efficiencies at the seaport, rail yard, airport and over the road. It is a fascinating time right now in global logistics, there is a convergence of important occurring now technological advancements that are going to restructure the movement of goods from original point, to distribution/logistics hub, to end customer.

Disruptive Supply Chain Intelligence Update

This week’s business news was dominated by President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports starting next week, imposing a 10 percent tariff for aluminum and a 25 percent tariff for steel. The announcement was met by a tumble in the stock market and a chorus of voices calling the move a big mistake and very disruptive to global supply chains.

US Trade Policy: Is About Stronger Long-Term Objectives & Leadership

In the work of supporting global companies that manufacture and maneuver their supply chain systems over a global footprint, our firm understands the tangible day-to-day realities of the importance of trade policy between countries and blocks of countries. The impacts of trade policy are vitally meaningful and can define corporate success or failure.

Disruptive Supply Chain Intelligence Update

Welcome to GLDPartners weekly feature, Supply Chain Intelligence Report, where we highlight important topics and articles that present the tactics and strategies that companies and industry sectors are using to adjust to the onslaught of change in the current age of supply chain disruption.

GLDPartners’ Weekly Supply Chain Intelligence Report

In every part of our lives today we hear about the age of disruption and the breakneck acceleration of technology [...]