Macro forces are reshaping supply chains and global logistics patterns. Rapidly fluctuating energy costs increasing environmental awareness, changes in public policy, landmark infrastructure investments and shifting markets are factors in a changing marketplace. We help our clients position their asset for success.

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The Sweden-China Autonomous Vehicle Connection is Proving

A good interview that lays out Volvo's autonomous vehicle development plan well and generally describes their business approach and the role of corporate partnerships. GLDPartners Auto see's Volvo's mature business approach to the science of AV integration as refreshing and one that will lead to very good things. With the Autoliv connection and the map-back to their ownership's Chinese base, Volvo is an outsized player that will emerge as a true global factor as the industry and the tech matures.

Infrastructure Investment Company Acquisition of Port Asset in China Might Be a Model

Blending and joining-up these players, funds and economic activity in a strategic manner can yield huge benefits. The Chinese have done this well before, sometimes but not always with the help of huge public investments. The substance of this story is around an infrastructure/property investment group's acquisition of a port asset in China. We think this is probably a smart move, in that market it will create strong market and investment synergies. In North America and Europe, we should be joining things up better.

ECommerce Demand is Overwhelming Industrial Property Market

In her January 2nd CNBC article Internet giants fuel warehouse demand as land prices surge, Lauren Thomas describes how industrial land valuations are rising quickly due to the pressured of demand from ecommerce uses. Though there are some wide variations, GLDPartners experiences this every day in our project work - that there is a shortage of well-sited and ready to build industrial land. Much of this challenge is due to the incredible rise in demand for developing new ecommerce distribution centers. This is true in the US but also increasingly so in other developed ecommerce markets in Canada, and parts of Europe and Asia. Where there is land supply with good multimodal transport infrastructure access, land values are rising.

Chasing Efficiencies: Blockchain Systems Are Critical to Global Supply Chains

In his Dec 15 article in Tech Crunch, Deep Patel talks about the importance of some very visible moves made by UPS and some other giants in the logistics world around the concept of blockchain technology. Though discussed for years, the current movement behind blockchain is fueled by strong interest by many to develop a far more transparent and streamlined overall shipping logistics system. Patel refers to the coming world of blockchain logistics as a "revolution". The reality is that synthesizing and sharing information on common transparent platforms is critically necessary for a range of reasons, including cost/loss management, shipper security and logistics hand-off efficiency - and this will happen to a degree not seen today, it's just a matter of innovation, collaboration and speed

Divergence! – The Growing Gap Between Direct Intermodal Rail & Transloading

In 2016 direct intermodal import rail routings declined, while total imports grew. This is termed by some in the logistics industry as the “Divergence of 2016”. Specifically, last year saw imports into the US grew by approximately 2%, all-water services to the US grew 4%, and direct import intermodal rail routings declined by .02%. Transloading, or transferring the contents of 40-foot marine containers to 53-foot domestic truck trailers or domestic rail containers for inland routing at or near the import port, has increased.

GLDPartners Advises Invest Stockholm About Logistics Investment: Speaks at Regional Conference

GLDPartners has conducted an investment opportunity analysis reviewing the potential for Stockholm to play a larger role as a Nordic-region logistics hub. The region has been working to position itself as a super-regional strategic multimodal logistics center by making a range of investments in road, rail, seaport and airport infrastructure.