Macro forces are reshaping supply chains and global logistics patterns. Rapidly fluctuating energy costs increasing environmental awareness, changes in public policy, landmark infrastructure investments and shifting markets are factors in a changing marketplace. We help our clients position their asset for success.


US Intermodal Opportunities Create New Inland Port Potential

The recent article written in American Shipper entitled "US Class I railroads eye intermodal lane opportunities" highlights evolving market changes that are causing new intermodal market interest from the Class 1 railroads. GLDPartners sees this opportunity first-hand from the perspective of our client supply chain work & in our project investment work around several going and proposed inland port projects.

China’s SF Express Is Now An Important Global Logistics Force

China's leading logistics integrator giant SF Express is now emerging as a global force that is reshaping the balance of power in the rapidly evolving logistics sector. Established in Guangdong in 1993, since its establishment, SF has created a diversified express service business unit organization and service networks throughout China and now through the world. The company represents the first private express logistics firm with an operating airline subsidiary in Mainland China. SF Airlines has a fleet of total 55 owned cargo aircraft. SF E-Parcel connects over 225 countries and regions and express delivery support in 62 countries.