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Lois C. Yates is a Partner in GLDPartners, an investment advisory firm that specializes in supply chain and site selection guidance to global manufacturers and the development and monetization of assets at and around seaports, airports and strategic trade and logistics hubs

Is Port Congestion Giving Air Freight an Advantage?

Since November of 2020, we have been reading about congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and the effect that the bottleneck is having on cargo owners and ultimately retail prices.  High import levels are driving the congestion and an easing of volumes is not in sight. Unfortunately this congestion has spread [...]

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US Losing Semiconductor Dominance

The US semiconductor industry has long been the global semiconductor leader.  They have consistently accounted for 45% to 50% of global revenues. But now, more semiconductors are being manufactured in East Asia than anywhere else in the world.  The WSJ’s Asa Fitch and Luis Santiago recently wrote that East Asian countries now dominate semiconductor manufacturing [...]

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US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement Goes Into Effect

On July 1st, the US-Mexico-Canada Trade (USMCA)agreement finally went into effect across North America.  This was after three years of trilateral negotiations, trade disputes and amendments by the US Congress. The trade agreement creates new opportunities for the post-pandemic economic recovery, but companies are struggling to determine how the transition from NAFTA to the USMCA [...]

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