EconomicĀ Development

stock exchangeThe global economy is growing increasingly interdependent and complex and regional growth is often tied to international business networks. Due to these dynamics, economic development organizations require state of the art tools to compete and to carry out their mission effectively.

Though it may have a role, serious economic development is more complicated than “brand marketing”. Frankly, investors don’t make decisions on the basis of advertisements and advertising agency slogans. Instead, in our experience investors make decisions for very tangible business reasons and in a global business environment the main economic development issue should be to demonstrate value. Economic development in today’s world requires deep industry sector information and current business-level intelligence.

GLDPartners enables successful economic development outcomes by an intense focus on real-world market requirements and a forward-view of key sector knowledge and trends. We see a new generation of economic development that is fueled by carefully matching sophisticated sector business intelligence to a specific product offer, whether a province, state, county, region or city. Sometimes, that product may be a combined product offer that includes key trade assets such as airports, seaports or railports.

Just like any successful business, the key for next-gen economic development is having access to meaningful sector intelligence and having the ability to translate that information to specific prospect propositions for identified sweet-spot targets.