Public Policy Business Solutions

GLDPartners understands public policy related to transportation, infrastructure and economic development and helps our clients influence and navigate change and resource acquisition. We help infrastructure owners and their economic development allies understand necessary change policies and develop funding strategies that effect the development, maintenance and operation of their assets. We also help businesses interpret regulation and understand how current and future policy may impact competitiveness.

Public Policy Thought Leadership

public policyOver the past decades and looking far into the future the demand for infrastructure funding will grow as increasing maintenance is required and as the capacity limits of our overall logistics systems are overburdened. Infrastructure owners and managers face increasing pressure to build, maintain and operate their assets in a highly regulated environment, with limited or no financing or funding from local, state or federal sources. And for the few public resources that may be available, the competition is typically so intense that the chances for successfully satisfying the business requirement is extremely small.

Seaport and airport authorities, for example, face significant financing, environmental, and business development challenges that go well beyond the narrow limits of inflexible public policy. Changes in regulations, increased borrowing authority and new, innovative financing tools are needed to achieve the operational and strategic requirements of these organizations, especially if their goals are to increase competitiveness and to grow sustainably in the world’s dynamic marketplace.

In the areas of economic development and public/private collaboration, it is essential to have the ability to maintain transparent, mutually beneficial strategies that ensure high levels of public support and political commitment to advance and sustain desired outcomes that consistently outperform competing projects. We understand how to fuse public assets, private investment and public funding into compelling business propositions, and importantly we understand how to produce very competitive project propositions to governments including developing project business plans, responding to requests for proposals, or initiating novel approaches to meeting legislative or regulatory mandates.

GLDPartners has strong experience supporting governments and other public entities pursuing their public policy objectives. With literally decades of experience in studying market and infrastructure issues, GLDPartners understands how to translate business issues to support public objectives. GLDPartners is intimately involved in crafting legislative and regulat