Project Development

As the global marketplace creates increasingly complex trading patterns and supply chain requirements, these factors can produce new opportunities for logistics hub assets such as airports, seaports and inland port/trade hubs and nearby areas. While there may be great opportunities, the market often-times has options and it’s important to recognize that the competition is adjusting to meet these same opportunities. As such, there are substantial risks in overestimating market potential and at the same time there are risks for being complacent. From our perspective, this dynamic condition advises that asset owners that accurately recognize their underlying market positioning and understand corresponding supply chain drivers will likely succeed if they take positive action. Those that are bystanders stand to risk current business, or forego significant opportunity.

With that backdrop, GLDPartners created a purpose-built team to assist both public and private clients to maximize value at high-opportunity transport and logistics assets. We have a substantial roster of success at or around seaports, airports and inland/railports where there are clear signs of emerging value. As examples, GLDPartners projects includes both business attraction and infrastructure development at airports and seaports, and is also involved with development of private assets that are located in the market-shed of key logistics hubs.

Identifying Business Opportunity

This is a particular strength of our firm and sits at the intersection of our partner’s expertise in market intelligence, supply chain management, competitiveness and risk analytics, infrastructure planning, economic development and project finance. At the heart of this work, our sector expertise and supply chain intelligence is the foundation and provides the critical basis for understanding business opportunity.