Corporate Supply Chain Strategy

The dynamics of global logistic chains are constantly evolving and many times warrant evaluation and reconsideration. Existing in-house company staff is often consumed by maintaining operations despite price increases, delays, supplier base changes and capacity issues and this often time can lead to poor efficiencies and management frustration.

GLDPartners works with global companies to help plan or revise their supply chains, optimize network planning and restructure internal systems. Our services will help you:

  • Assess the operating organization for efficiency and effectiveness in using your current logistics assets

    Even well-established firms need to “relook” as things change. We can help you understand which stakeholders are and are not invested in the current logistics practices and highlight potential synergies in the increasingly frequent event of mergers and acquisitions

  • Review and assessment of network structure, supplier relationships, transport and logistics connectivity, vendor relationship and freight cost optimization.

  • Help for your organization to think about new trends toward more fluid supply chains, either via use of third parties, changes in ordering, inventory, and shipping policies, working to make planning models more flexible or any of a number of best practices that are under the heading of “continuous optimization.”

  • Help you work with local, state, and regional government authorities throughout your network to minimize the cost of doing business and make clear your important role in economic development. This could support company requirements such as infrastructure investment and worker training.

corporate supply chain strategyWe bring a global perspective to your specific issues, with significant exposure to key trends in air, sea and land transportation and also supply chain trends in key sectors. Our team is well aware that certain supply chain-related projects can represent significant capital commitments, which are by definition high-profile issues in most organizations. GLDPartners can prepare your professional teams to:

  • Approach top management with an informed, logical proposition based on the latest trends in logistics and supply chain management

  • Demonstrate to peers and superiors that all critical contingencies have been considered in terms of network planning, analysis, and adaptation

  • Quantify the range of risks that are involved in operating the existing network and for proposed changes