Investment Attraction Plan

business intelligenceGLDPartners believes there is a tremendous amount of business science behind developing sector target matches. There are fundamental core elements that define a realistic and thorough baseline about a region and its ability to compete for investment in a given industry. Fact-based evaluations eliminate perceptions and rely instead on data and facts.

Having a very good understanding of your region’s infrastructure and competitiveness provides an extraordinary platform from which to craft and implement a thoughtful investment attraction program.

Armed with a strong view of best areas for competitiveness, our Investment Attraction Plan (IAP) builds a sector by sector business development map. The map defines sub-sectors targets and then delineates a company-specific business development program. The value of the IAP is to reduce expensive and time-consuming generalized marketing to a minimum allowing for more focus on target-specific business development.

The IAP includes the following products:

  • Sector-specific industry intelligence dossiers for target industries
    • Review of the sector and its main business