Investment Attraction Plan

business intelligenceGLDPartners believes there is a tremendous amount of business science behind developing sector target matches. There are fundamental core elements that define a realistic and thorough baseline about a region and its ability to compete for investment in a given industry. Fact-based evaluations eliminate perceptions and rely instead on data and facts.

Having a very good understanding of your region’s infrastructure and competitiveness provides an extraordinary platform from which to craft and implement a thoughtful investment attraction program.

Armed with a strong view of best areas for competitiveness, our Investment Attraction Plan (IAP) builds a sector by sector business development map. The map defines sub-sectors targets and then delineates a company-specific business development program. The value of the IAP is to reduce expensive and time-consuming generalized marketing to a minimum allowing for more focus on target-specific business development.

The IAP includes the following products:

  • Sector-specific industry intelligence dossiers for target industries
    • Review of the sector and its main business products
    • Overview of the sector’s construction including main players, growth rates, competition factors
    • Detailed map of the sector’s supply chain and trend dynamics
    • Assessment of key change trends including the effects of new technologies, regulatory changes, expectations for geographic market growth, history and outlook for acquisitions and mergers, etc.
  • Sector-specific company target list
    • Within the competitiveness envelope established, a highly detailed target list of companies that have indicated plans for growth or consolidation
  • Highly-structured business development propositions to be presented by economic development staff to key corporate decision-makers on the target list, indicating:
    • A project-specific comprehensive business proposal with the value proposition described in the sector’s language
      • Offering an overall solution to the company’s anticipated need
      • Understanding timeframe requirements, the proposal is portrayed as fully developed and ready to go with clear delivery framework
      • Specific solutions are offered for physical sites, labor force, utility provision,
      • Regional and wider supply chain map value is explained
      • Transport and full cost, time and reliability benchmarks are offered
      • Overall proposal will be oriented as a business offer from a responsible business partner that understands the underlying business, is anxious to be an ongoing partner as the target company grows, requires enhanced labor requirements, etc.

GLDPartners can also make its global resources available to IAP clients as they seek to pursue investment. This can include support from the firm’s offices and the range of its international partners including an array of law firms, engineering firms and economic development clients.