Concession and Strategy Advisory for US Gulf Coast Port

Project: Advise a public Seaport Authority Board of Directors regarding the opportunity to attract private risk capital to assist in supporting the Port’s master planned growth expectations

Description:   To support the Port’s long-term planning and infrastructure development strategy for container and cross-Gulf (Mexican cargo) volume growth, GLDPartners was asked to assess the Port’s long-term potential based upon cargo flow patterns, market expansion, competition from other ports, and supply chain market and port hinterland growth potential. Existing port operations, capacity issues associated with channel depth, berth space, inside the gate land and highway and rail access were all assessed. These issues and the demand drivers for growth from off-port demand centers and competition from other ports were used to help clarify the potential for portcentric investment attraction in the Port hinterland and position the Port Authority Board to react to and approach risk capital investors.