Corporate Services

GLDPartners provides an array of strategic and transactional services to companies that are involved in a range of manufacturing and distribution activities. Along with huge growth opportunities, today’s increasingly complex global business environment can yield a range of supply chain, facility location and network challenges and GLDPartners can help navigate.

Generally working with firms that have far-flung and sometimes fast-evolving manufacturing and distribution networks, GLDPartners understands the issues facing companies that are managing global supply chains through periods of change. Our team has helped companies that are: evaluating new market expansion strategies, needing to optimize their networks, rationalizing new acquisitions, reviewing offshoring and reshoring options, and managing changing supplier and transport/logistics environments. Many times the client objective is about increasing efficiency and reducing costs, while in other instances the objectives are about supporting a corporate structure that is for example straining alongside a shifting supplier network, the introduction of new competition, or problems with logistics reliability.

Corporate Facility Site Selection

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Supply Chain Strategy Advisory

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