Dr. Arnie Maltz, Associate Partner – Supply Chain Management

Dr. Arnold Maltz, GLDPartners

Arnie Maltz is GLDPartners’ Practice Lead for Supply Chain Management. Dr. Maltz is a recognized leader in corporate supply chain issues and has worked in the field in both corporate and academic research roles. Dr. Maltz was responsible for strategy, distribution and transportation planning for a multi-billion dollar division of Abbott Laboratories and in the US motor carrier industry, he worked for such firms as Preston, Commercial Lovelace and Gateway Transportation in financial and operations planning during the period of industry deregulation.

With GLDPartners, Dr. Maltz has led customized corporate supply chain strategy and cost reduction projects for companies in the electronics, automotive, industrial machinery, food and aerospace industries. Other experiences includes consulting and training for Navistar, Chevron, On Semiconductor, Accenture, Avnet, and other major firms. Internationally, he has done research and lectured in India, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Israel, Denmark, and Estonia.

Dr. Maltz received a Ph. D. in Marketing/Logistics from Ohio State University and is currently a professor at Arizona State University leading both undergraduate and graduate programs for current and future leaders in the industry. His research concerning transaction costs and third party logistics received awards from Ohio State University, the Council of Logistics Management, and Accenture Consulting. At the W. P. Carey School at Arizona State University, Dr. Maltz has led partnerships with various Fortune 500 companies and conducted specialized strategy research. Dr. Maltz has worked extensively with the semiconductor industry on benchmarking world-wide logistics practices and is involved in state and federal projects related to US-Mexico trans-border opportunities.

Dr. Maltz is a member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, the Warehousing Education and Research Council, and the Institute for Supply Management.