Dorri Coats – Clean Energy Analyst

Dorri Coats

Collaborating with GLDPartners management and team, stakeholders, and outside partners, Dorri Coats supports the research, planning, and development of clean energy elements for GLDPartners’ projects, including TradePort California.  In her work, Dorri liaises with energy producers, truck and equipment manufacturers and policy makers.  She also works with State and federal agencies in adapting public policy and funding in support of Company projects. An important member of the firm’s Clean Energy Team, Dorri has developed the TradePort Clean Energy Plan which includes strategic and phased deployment of technology, equipment and supporting infrastructure.

Dorri has more than twenty years of supply chain management experience and firsthand knowledge of industry challenges and needs.  Dorri has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics Management from Bellevue University and her Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University.