GLDPartners Mobility Solutions

GLDPartners understands the complexities of the mobility space, and in particular we understand the automotive sector and its rapid evolution. While the automotive supply chain represents one of the most global and complex manufacturing systems in the world, it is currently being restructured around, 1) the rise of China as the largest market in the world, 2) the dramatic new use of technology, and 3) the fundamental bets that are being made around car ownership and sharing. All of these dynamics are influencing the shape of the automotive industry, how it plans capital investment, where it conducts research, tests new products, undertakes product development and manufactures products. These factors are beginning to have significant geopolitical, infrastructure, public finance, economic development and logistics impacts – and it is widely expected that these impacts will increase over the next decade.

Our firm understands these complexities and is helping a range of clients navigate success. GLDPartners has deep corporate relationships with global automotive manufacturers, technology companies and new entrant/start-ups and has developed a strong understanding of how new business models and technological advances are merging.

GLDPartners Mobility Solutions Areas of Expertise

Supply Chain and Specialty Clustering for Key Technologies

  • Network planning
  • Facility evaluation and site selection

Testing and Development Facilities

Policy and Economic Development

  • Economic competitiveness evaluations
  • State and regional mobility policy development; operational, infrastructure, budget, liability and economic development

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