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Adam Wasserman is GLDPartners Managing Partner and has a senior background in economic strategy, project finance, infrastructure development, ports management and public policy. Adam has an extensive knowledge of transportation, global logistics, infrastructure, economic development and finance.

Pandemic Illustrates Need For More Sophisticated Pharma Supply Chain System

Rational thinking and the most fundamental management theory teachings will tell us that some central management or coordination is vital, therefore the role of the federal government is essential. Without question, in the coming months, through the unfortunate period of COVID-19 and over the next several years there will be an extraordinary level of attention paid to these issues. Supply chain management will be a sexy and hot topic. We need collaborative leadership - from industry and clearly from government. We can all do a lot better.

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US Intermodal Opportunities Create New Inland Port Potential

The recent article written in American Shipper entitled "US Class I railroads eye intermodal lane opportunities" highlights evolving market changes that are causing new intermodal market interest from the Class 1 railroads. GLDPartners sees this opportunity first-hand from the perspective of our client supply chain work & in our project investment work around several going and proposed inland port projects.

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China’s SF Express Is Now An Important Global Logistics Force

China's leading logistics integrator giant SF Express is now emerging as a global force that is reshaping the balance of power in the rapidly evolving logistics sector. Established in Guangdong in 1993, since its establishment, SF has created a diversified express service business unit organization and service networks throughout China and now through the world. The company represents the first private express logistics firm with an operating airline subsidiary in Mainland China. SF Airlines has a fleet of total 55 owned cargo aircraft. SF E-Parcel connects over 225 countries and regions and express delivery support in 62 countries.

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GLDPartners Mobility Solutions Unveils New Website

GLDPartners is proud to announce the launch of our new mobility sector website. GLDPartners Mobility Solutions is our dedicated company that is working inside the automotive/mobility sector - including on testing and development facilities, new market entry strategies, public policy and infrastructure planning, supply chain management and economic development.

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Global Auto Sector: At A Crossroads, Needs New Definitions

Conflicting market messages alongside a fascinatingly relentless march toward a complete overhaul of the automotive industry makes it very hard to provide simple explanations of the industry. It's important to get this right and understand what is now a complex industry that is better described as about "mobility" - and not your grandfather's car producing industry.

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GLDPartners Leads TIACA/Multimodal Strategy Discussion: Are Inland Ports in North America Overhyped or Are They the Next Big Thing?

GLDPartners Ports and Terminals Practice Leader Brendan Dugan led a strategic visioning session this week on the topic of inland ports at the TIACA/Multimodal meeting in Toronto this week. Entitled “Are Inland Ports in North America Overhyped or Are They the Next Big Thing?”, Brendan oversaw an in-depth conversation with experts representing the rail, investor/developer, logistics terminal operator, seaport perspective

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Announcement: Silicon Valley Autotech Complex Funding Set; Construction in 2019

Funding has been put in-place and the site secured to build a global hub for a large-scale automotive technology testing and development complex in California. The California AutoTech Testing and Development Center (CATDC) is a 700-acre project that is being developed in Merced County which is located near to and directly to the east of Silicon Valley. The purpose-built testbed project is being planned, designed and engineered to be an important asset for developing many of the new technologies and applications that are shaping the future of human mobility. The CATDC is open currently and will complete an major expansion in mid-2019.

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