About Us

Global Logistics Development Partners is an independent international investment advisory firm that creates and executes growth solutions for manufacturing companies, and public and private logistics and property asset owners and investors. GLDPartners was founded in 2010 to address opportunities created by shifting global trade and logistics patterns, changing public policies and evolving markets. The Company has offices in the US, UK, Canada and in Mexico.

Project and Logistics District Development

We help develop assets at and around airports, seaports and inland ports

Project Development

Regional Economic Development

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Infrastructure assessment, competitiveness modeling, market development and regional strategy

Economic Development

Transport Asset Revenue Growth

container ship in seaport

Increased market share and revenue for air cargo, seaport cargo and inland port cargo

Revenue Growth

Corporate Services

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Supply chain strategy and corporate facility site selection services

Corporate Services

Unlocking Growth Potential

GLDPartners derives strength from an international perspective which brings knowledge and hands-on business experience from around the globe. GLDPartners believes that successful logistics hub growth strategies will be dependent on an ability to: 1) understand fast-changing industry sectors, 2) match market requirements to asset and regional strengths, and 3) create world-class infrastructure and property assets. Further, we believe in many cases that the delivery of hard-assets will require understanding the requirements of risk capital, and fusing together both public and private resources. GLDPartners is unique in that it offers far more than “consulting” advice, in that it specializes in project delivery in terms of developing and implementing revenue development and project financing solutions.

The firm has assembled a highly-skilled professional team over a range of disciplines allowing for customized solutions to a range of client situations. The Company is purpose-built, with expertise drawn from senior business professionals in ports management, maritime facility development, supply chain management, infrastructure planning, market and competitiveness analytics, rail strategy, project finance and economic development. GLDPartners boasts a comprehensive range of product solutions for port authorities, economic development organizations, private investors and industrial companies to help unlock investment growth.

Our Client Focus

GLDPartners has a deeply held belief that our job is to work closely alongside our clients to understand their operating circumstances, to carefully interpret their business objectives and then collaboratively define customized business strategies to unlock growth potential. GLDPartners’ leadership has developed a firm culture that from the outset a highly client-centric organization.